Balancing persistence with respect

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Following the cold email approach I had from a sort-of-competitor (offering us services we ourselves provide) on Wednesday, I received a follow-up email yesterday. Yes. Yesterday. In sales or Bus Dev, persistence is critical but it really needs to be balanced with respect for that person’s time. Expecting a reply from a prospecting email within 24 hours is optimistic – … Read More

The importance of research

Jon CunninghamResearch

This morning I had an email from a company offering business development services to us (below). They clearly hadn’t researched what we do, in fact they hadn’t even got our name right. We constantly bang on about the importance of investing time, effort and intelligence in research – and it pays dividends. You can have the best messaging in the … Read More

Making telemarketing successful

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Since we started Hob-Nob in 2005, some things have changed and we’ve seen how newer approaches like ‘social selling’ can now be part of the Business Development mix. Yet we still find telemarketing can be highly successful – when done right. Our approach is centered around high quality, intelligent communication that’s much less ‘telemarketing’ and much more normal human conversation; meaningful conversations … Read More

Why ‘outsource’ Business Development?

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It’s rather tempting to tell you why you should use us – but given our massive bias – it’s possibly more useful to hear from someone else. So we asked some clients why they choose to outsource their business development/sales/telemarketing activities – and the reasons included: “I don’t have to worry about it” “We don’t have the time to dedicate … Read More

Telemarketing + BD with a difference

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We offer Telemarketing / Business Development with a difference If you’re curious, here are some of the ways we differ from others we’ve heard about: We don’t: send out the ‘big guns’ to meet you then provide low paid, inexperienced staff work on quantity over quality do the most obvious thing without thought offer generic lists of potential prospects promise what we … Read More

Intelligent Telemarketing lives on!

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I’ve discussed telemarketing in length with many people recently; some have done it previously with little success, and don’t think it works (I’ve had similar conversations with people about Pay Per Click/Google Adwords too*). But just because it hasn’t worked, it doesn’t mean it can’t – to me, that’s a bit like saying I had a partner once and it didn’t work out, … Read More

What do we mean by Intelligent Business Development?

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We speak to lots of people who’ve previously undertaken what turns out to be unintelligent, unproductive Business Development or marketing. At best it might result in a lead or two, at worst it may make them look rather bad to their potential clients (and most of the time it’s just a wholly ineffective cost). So when we talk about ‘Intelligent’ … Read More

13 telemarketing tips

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Some may feel that this page could equally be called “13 really obvious Telemarketing Tips”, but I regularly see these things happening/not happening, hence my mentioning them! Be yourself. When I started out in this world I thought I had to be a certain way on the phone. You don’t. You are the best at being you. That other you is harder … Read More

How to find the courage to cold call

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Hate the idea of cold calling? What’s stopping you? Is it Fear? If so, what of? You don’t know what to say? They may say no? They may tell you to go away – impolitely? They may hang up? Something else (leave a comment and I’ll respond!)? Seriously, each of these is only a problem in your mind. There, on … Read More

How much has your receptionist cost you?

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Surely the very first person a new customer reaches in your business should be friendly and customer service focussed? But it continually shocks and amazes me how rude – and sometimes hostile – some receptionists are (not all, but some!). When you consider the work that departments like marketing do just to get a customer to pick up the phone … Read More