How to find the courage to cold call

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Hate the idea of cold calling?

What’s stopping you? Is it Fear? If so, what of?

  • You don’t know what to say?
  • They may say no?
  • They may tell you to go away – impolitely?
  • They may hang up?
  • Something else (leave a comment and I’ll respond!)?

Seriously, each of these is only a problem in your mind.

There, on the other end of the phone, could be your new best customer, best associate, best partner, best friend – maybe your future wife or husband!

Picking up that phone and making that call could change something you don’t like forever – it’s a tiny tool of infinite potential to take you from that desk to the outside world.

I love it.

Anyway, that’s just me – how can I help you to find the courage to call?

  1. Identify what you’re afraid of (if it’s fear):
    • You don’t know what to say?
      • Do you believe in your product or service? If yes: great – if no – that’s another article
      • You believe in it? Great – why – how do you see it helping people?
      • How can you communicate that succinctly in the most relevant way?: “Our offering helps people love cold calling”, etc.
    • They may say no!
      • That’s OK!
        • Not everyone is ready to buy/meet today – your job now is to have made a good enough impression to have them give you permission to call again sometime/maintain contact somehow.
        • They may not have a need – no worries – who might, maybe they’re not involved.
    • They may tell you to go away – impolitely?
      • Maybe they’re not relevant – ask them
      • Maybe they’re busy – ask them when they’re not
    • They may hang up?
      • In 15 years of phone work I reckon this has happened to me a handful of timeS, so it’s rare; with the right blend of information and sensitivity you won’t get this often!
  2. Plan
    • Think about the various ways you can see it going: plan any possible objections, but make them real, so if someone says “I want a red one” and you don’t make a red one, respect that – don’t argue with them about how blue is a better colour – just say “I’m really sorry – we have a bunch of colours but not a red one yet, can I contact you if we make one – and can I leave/send you my details in case you need a blue or green one in the meantime?”
    • Plan all other scenarios…
    • Lateral thought and preparation will help you know what to say in any scenario.
  3. Practice
    • So once you’ve got all your materials – all your questions and answers, practice, practice – read – familiarise
    • When you’re ready rehearse with a friend – call me and practice!
  4. Relinquish the need for outcomes!
    • You don’t need to do anything other than be yourself.
    • If they have a need they will buy, if not they won’t – you can only do so much!

Fundamentally – if you really can’t get past the points above you could just get someone else to do it – after all you’re almost certainly excellent at something else. So do that!

Hope this helps someone.