Intelligent Telemarketing lives on!

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I’ve discussed telemarketing in length with many people recently; some have done it previously with little success, and don’t think it works (I’ve had similar conversations with people about Pay Per Click/Google Adwords too*).

But just because it hasn’t worked, it doesn’t mean it can’t – to me, that’s a bit like saying I had a partner once and it didn’t work out, so now I’m celibate…

The biggest variable is probably your choice of partner (in either setting!) – and choosing a partner for Business Development is a challenge; so whilst for some people a telemarketer on minimum wage is the answer – and others want thousands of calls made by various agents in a big call centre – those solutions aren’t suitable for everyone.

There are those who are less concerned about the raw stats (e.g.number of calls made) and more concerned about the quality of those calls, the subsequent conversations and the ensuing enquiries/appointments.

(These quality-focussed people are the folk we can best help.)

So if you’re looking for someone to make 10000 calls a month to a generic list  – we’re not the company for you, but if you’re looking for someone to meaningfully engage a high-calibre audience and start important new relationships then it’s highly probable we can help!

I’m on 020 7099 9422 and look forward to talking to you whenever you’re ready to speak.

*as part of our commitment to only doing what we can do exceptionally we don’t offer these services (but we know some people that do them)

If you’re curious, here are some of the ways we differ from others we’ve heard about:

We don’t:

  • send out the ‘big guns’ to meet you then provide low paid, inexperienced staff
  • work on quantity over quality
  • do the most obvious thing without thought
  • offer generic lists of potential prospects
  • promise what we can’t deliver
  • repeat the same message over and over again without proactively suggesting tweaks (or a different audience)

We do:

  • think carefully about the proposition and messaging from both your perspective and those of your prospects
  • consider who your prospects should be and carefully profile them
  • work out interesting hooks and approaches and look to do what isn’t obvious
  • ensure we have a wider understanding of your offering, why the client needs it, what their typical pain points are
  • have intelligent human conversations with people…