Making telemarketing successful

Jon CunninghamUncategorized

Since we started Hob-Nob in 2005, some things have changed and we’ve seen how newer approaches like ‘social selling’ can now be part of the Business Development mix.

Yet we still find telemarketing can be highly successful – when done right.

Our approach is centered around high quality, intelligent communication that’s much less ‘telemarketing’ and much more normal human conversation; meaningful conversations that start real relationships.

We find interesting, relevant ways of talking to prospects – unusual ‘hooks’ – and things that resonate with them and how they likely feel.

We maximise effectiveness by ensuring the proposition, messaging and objection handling is as good as it can be – by handpicking prospects – and by using supporting activities, ideas and tools to help increase the return on your investment.

And with every potential client we have a really honest, frank conversation to explore how we can help – and help them decide their very best route with their telemarketing or other Business Development.

If you’re looking to do telemarketing (internally or using an agency) and want it to be a success, please get in touch to see the ways we can help.