What do we mean by Intelligent Business Development?

Jon CunninghamUncategorized

We speak to lots of people who’ve previously undertaken what turns out to be unintelligent, unproductive Business Development or marketing.

At best it might result in a lead or two, at worst it may make them look rather bad to their potential clients (and most of the time it’s just a wholly ineffective cost).

So when we talk about ‘Intelligent’ Business Development we mean creating and testing an approach that looks at what would work rather than simply sending X thousand emails or making Y thousand calls.

Whether doing this yourself or working with an agency or consultant, the key is to think about it all and to keep reviewing what you’re doing and ask yourself probing questions – questions like:

  • How might this land with my audience?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Does it deliver any value – enough value?
  • Is my audience right?
  • Is it overtly promotional?
  • How could we improve this?
  • Are we seeing a response?
  • Is it positive?
  • Is it leading to enquiries – to actual business?

There are plenty more questions you could ask – but by keeping it intelligent, keeping it focused on the audience and outcomes you should see greater success than merely focusing on the ‘number of activities completed’.

So that’s what we mean!