How much has your receptionist cost you?

Jon CunninghamUncategorized

Surely the very first person a new customer reaches in your business should be friendly and customer service focussed?

But it continually shocks and amazes me how rude – and sometimes hostile – some receptionists are (not all, but some!).

When you consider the work that departments like marketing do just to get a customer to pick up the phone to you in the first place it’s frankly incredible.

And I see it in many places from Doctors surgeries to BIG global companies.

I’m not sure why it’s the case – I’m not sure if it’s a by-product of their frequent gatekeeper role – I don’t know; I won’t speculate!

But, if you have a receptionist who handles your calls, take a second to reflect on this:

They may be your biggest ever customer’s initial contact point – are you confident that they’re handling enquiries the way you want them to?

I’d encourage you to get some friends, family (or an external company/consultant like me!) to call your company and let you know what they really think about the reception they get.

The results might surprise you!

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