Why ‘outsource’ Business Development?

Jon CunninghamUncategorized

It’s rather tempting to tell you why you should use us – but given our massive bias – it’s possibly more useful to hear from someone else.

So we asked some clients why they choose to outsource their business development/sales/telemarketing activities – and the reasons included:

  • “I don’t have to worry about it”
  • “We don’t have the time to dedicate to it”
  • “We charge more per hour than we pay the agency”
  • “I can’t stand cold-calling people”
  • “We don’t have the fixed commitment of a salary”
  • “I’m actually rubbish at calling people”
  • “Even when we’re delivering our service, we know someone is keeping our sales pipeline topped up”

And the stats speak for themselves: we make 12 times more calls per hour worked than one client’s internal telemarketing function; we’re delivering 200% more conversations per call than another client’s previous telemarketer – and we specialise in high quality, considered B2B telemarketing that starts meaningful conversations and worthwhile relationships.

So more calls + more conversations + more connection with prospects, makes for a significant set of reasons to engage a company like ours – reasons that translate to a profitable partnership.

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