Telemarketing + BD with a difference

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We offer Telemarketing / Business Development with a difference

If you’re curious, here are some of the ways we differ from others we’ve heard about:

We don’t:

  • send out the ‘big guns’ to meet you then provide low paid, inexperienced staff
  • work on quantity over quality
  • do the most obvious thing without thought
  • offer generic lists of potential prospects
  • promise what we can’t deliver
  • repeat the same message over and over again without proactively suggesting tweaks (or a different audience)

We do:

  • think carefully about the proposition and messaging from both your perspective and those of your prospects
  • consider who your prospects should be and carefully profile them
  • work out interesting hooks and approaches and look to do what isn’t obvious
  • ensure we have a wider understanding of your offering, why the client needs it, what their typical pain points are
  • have intelligent human conversations with people…